For many years the largest International Specialized Exhibitions
“Food & Drinks” and “Food Technology”
have determined the development strategy of food and food-processing branch of Moldova!


 Meat, meat products, canned meat 
• Milk and dairy products. Cheese 
• Flour-grinding and cereals products, flakes 
• Bakery and pastry 
• Vegetable oil 
• Confectionery, sugar, honey 
• Fish and fish products 
• Tinned products, sauces, ketchups, spices, seasonings 
• Tea, coffee, cacao 
• Semi-finished and frozen products 
• Juices. Mineral waters. Strong drinks. Non-alcoholic drinks 
• Dried breakfasts and snacks. Dried fruits. Nuts 
• Gastronomic products. Delicatessens. Products of premium class. Finished products 
• Baby and diet nutrition. Healthy food. Natural products

Tasting sessions and presentations of products. Seminars and meetings devoted healthy food.
Professional contest.

Venue: Central pavilion, Pavilion №2