Electric power engineering equipment 
• (Resources of no-break power) UPSs 
• Energy-saving technologies and equipment 
Renewable energy sources: solar, wind, biogas, geothermal heat pumps 
Heat-power engineering 
• Equipment for heating systems 
• Boilers, pumps, radiators 
Gas-supply systems and gas equipment 
• Measuring equipment 
• Control systems 
Electrical engineering 
High-voltage equipment 
• switching apparatus 
• power distribution devices 
• transformers and transformer substations 
Low-voltage equipment 
• Electro-technical installations 
• switchboards 
• equipment and instruments 
• control and regulation equipment 
Cabling and wiring products: cables, wires, electrical installation items (cable-channels, trays) 
Heat insulation materials, pipelines insulators 
Ventilation and air conditioning systems 
Lighting engineering 
• lighting fixtures 
• searchlights 
• illumination systems for streets and roads 
• illumination systems for service-and-office buildings 
Friendly-environmental technologies. Environment protection

The 19th International Specialized Exhibition of power-saving technologies, gas-supply, heating and air conditioning systems


Pavilion №2