Independence Day in Moldova

Independence Day (Romanian: Ziua Independenţei) is the national day of Moldova commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union on August 27, 1991. 

Independence Day is a public holiday in Moldova.
Independence Day, which can also be referred to as the birthday of a nation, is an annual celebration on which, a nation celebrates its anniversary of independence from a foreign rule and assumption of sovereign statehood. Moldova celebrates its Independence Day on August 27th to commemorate its independence from the Soviet Union.
The first independent general elections to elect an independent parliament were held in 1990. In June 1990, the parliament adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Soviet Socialist Republic Moldova. Finally, on August 27, 1990, Moldova declared its independence.

On this day, the President makes public speeches and inaugurates new constructions sites. Flowers are laid at the Monument of Stefan cel Mare and a big concert is organized at the National Square. The people of Moldova participate in sports events, concerts exhibitions and outdoor events. On this day, every Moldovan celebrates being an independent citizen of a free, independent and peaceful country.