The Language Day in Moldova

On August 31, every year Moldova celebrates Limba Noastra or its language day.

The day is celebrated to honor the passing of the language law, which proclaimed the Moldovan language written in Latin script to be the official language of Moldova. On 31 August 1989, while still a Soviet republic, the Supreme Soviet of the MSSR passed into law the establishment of the Romanian as the official language of the country and the return to Roman script. Since 1989, the date of 31 August has become the Limba Noastra (Our Language) Holiday in Moldova. Limbra Noastra Day is a public holiday in Moldova.

Moldova Limbra Noastra Day Traditions, Customs and Activities
Celebration of this day is synonymous with the celebration of the cultural independence of Moldova. Language is one of the most important national symbols for the people of the country and this day is the celebration of the most important national symbol of the Moldovans. On this day, concerts, play, poetry readings and such other events are organized all across the state of the nation.