About Country


Officially the Republic of Bulgaria

Capital city: Sofia

Total area: 111 910 km²

Population: 7.6 million

Currency: lev (лв)

Situated in Southeast Europe, in the northeast part of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is one of the few nations of Europe boasting stunning scenery throughout the country and sublime beaches along its 220 miles of coastline. Compared to other European nations it is not regularly visited which keeps this destination as one of Europe’s hidden gems.

Visitors are surprised by its diversity and stunning natural beauty. For years a real effort has been made to preserve the country’s rich and unspoilt flora and fauna, and as a result Bulgaria is ecologically one of the purest countries in Europe with exceptionally clear air and water resources.

Many European holiday makers head to the golden sandy beaches of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast for the summer, with the weather in the months of July and August reaching 30°c. During the winter season tourists flock to the popular ski resorts of Bansko, Borovets and Pamporov which offer numerous pistes of varying length and difficulty.

Networks of well-maintained hiking trails and horse riding routes allow the discovery of Bulgaria’s lush mountainous and forested landscapes, inhabited by bears, lynx, rare birds and other species of wildlife now becoming scarce elsewhere in Europe. These species share their home with rich game stock, including red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, wolf, fox, jackal and wild rabbit.

Business at Bulgaria’s spectacular golf courses and resorts is booming after hosting the hugely successful 2013 European Golf tour and 2013 PGA tournament. Located on the Black Sea coastline, the sensational Thracian Cliffs resort is just one of a number of excellent courses in a country where 200 days of sunshine, glorious scenery and great value is attracting increasing numbers of golfers to its luxury resorts.

Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia, is a confident and cosmopolitan European capital. The old east-meets-west feel is still here, a scattering of churches, Ottoman mosques and Red Army monuments share the skyline with glitzy shopping malls, five-star hotels and the best bars and clubs the country has to offer.